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uses disktype to identify file system, uses fiwalk to generate DFXML files for FAT file systems, mounts FAT and HFS file systems images accordingly, runs md5deep on contents to generate DFXML and CSV manifests, unmounts, moves on to next image in the directory. uses hfs2dfxml (Dietrich)
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Jess Whyte, 2016-


Bash script to id filestystem type for a disk image using disktype, mounts the image accordingly (currently only hfs and vfat) and then runs md5deep +/or fiwalk. Note: fiwalk for fat filesystems runs before mounting. Can be modified to run, say, siegfried. 


Modification of above to work with HFS2DFXML (Dianne Dietrich - HFS2DFXML -


mounts .img and .iso according to disktype output, runs sf to create .csv reports (or hashdeep or fiwalk), extracts contents to an Extracted folder.

Note: assumes every img/iso is in its own directory. If they're all in one, it's going to create *one* Extracted directory and extract everything to there. 

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