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Jest Watch Toggle Config Plugin

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Toggle your Jest boolean config settings at will



Install jest(it needs Jest 23.4.1+) and jest-watch-toggle-config

yarn add --dev jest jest-watch-toggle-config

# or with NPM

npm install --save-dev jest jest-watch-toggle-config

Add it to your Jest config

Since Jest 23.3, you can provide per-instance watch plugin configuration. Jest 23.4.1 opens up the list of global configuration settings that can be altered by watch plugins. Together, these evolutions let us use this same plugin in multiple ways, as along as the targeted configuration setting is boolean.

There are three mandatory configuration items you need to provide:

  1. setting is the boolean Jest configuration setting you want to toggle. Boolean settings available for configuration through watch plugins, as of Jest 23.4.1, include bail, collectCoverage, noSCM, notify, onlyFailures, passWithNoTests and verbose.
  2. key is the keyboard key that will be bound to this plugin instance, toggling the setting you’re interested in. We actually provide a default key for each option, trying our best not to step on Jest’s built-in keys, but they might conflict with another plugin's key. So you can tweak it.
  3. prompt is the plugin prompt displayed in the watch menu. In this text, you can use the %ONOFF% placeholder, that will be dynamically replaced by either on or off, depending on the resulting setting value. We also provide good defaults for the options listed above, but feel free to tweak them.

Here’s an example for toggling both test verbosity (details of passed/failed tests) and code coverage collection with this plugin.

In your package.json:

  "jest": {
    "watchPlugins": [
      ["jest-watch-toggle-config", { "setting": "verbose" }],
      ["jest-watch-toggle-config", { "setting": "collectCoverage" }]

Or in jest.config.js

module.exports = {
  // …
  watchPlugins: [
    ['jest-watch-toggle-config', { setting: 'verbose' }],
    ['jest-watch-toggle-config', { setting: 'collectCoverage' }],

Run Jest in watch mode

yarn jest --watch

# or with NPM

npx jest --watch

List of options that have default keys and prompts

As of Jest 23.4.1, the following boolean options have sane defaults you can leverage to lighten your configuration:

Option Key Prompt
bail b turn %ONOFF% bailing at first error
collectCoverage e* turn %ONOFF% code coverage collection
notify n turn %ONOFF% desktop notifications
verbose v turn %ONOFF% test verbosity

* Jest already reserves c, o and v


Jest watch plugin for toggling boolean settings (e.g. verbosity, test coverage)







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