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@SimenB SimenB released this 27 Aug 10:00


  • [jest-haste-map] Use watchman suffix-set option for faster file indexing. (#11784)
  • [jest-cli] Adds a new config options snapshotFormat which offers a way to override any of the formatting settings which come with pretty-format. (#11654)
  • [jest-reporters] Expose the getSummary util (#11695).
  • [jest-resolver] Support node: prefix when importing Node core modules (#11331)


  • [jest-each] Relaxed the validation to allow multibyte characters in headings (#11575)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] Add support for userAgent option (#11773)
  • [jest-environment-node] Add Event and EventTarget to node global environment. (#11727)
  • [jest-mock] Fix spyOn to use Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty (#11721)
  • [jest-resolver] Add dependency on jest-haste-map (#11759)
  • [jest-types] Compat with @types/node v16 (#11645)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Correct expects.assertions documentation by adding async/await for asynchronous function.