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Puff is a software suite written at UAF used primarily for volcanic ash dispersion modeling.

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Puff - Volcanic Ash Tracking Model
UAF version

Puff was initially conceived and developed by  Prof. H. Tanaka as a novel method for simulating ash cloud trajectories during the eruption of Mt. Redoubt, 1989. Dr. Craig Searcy rewrote and modified the Puff code in C++, and created the initial GUI so the program could be used operationally for volcano monitoring in the mid and late 1990's. His version of the program (different from this one) is running at the U.S. National Weather Service, Anchorage, Alaska. In a joint project between the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (early 2000's), Puff was modified for use by the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency by David Tillman. 

This version of Puff, also known as PuffUAF, is supported by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute Remote Sensing group. It is licenced under the General Public License and is freely available from the website

Questions and comments should be directed to me:
Rorik Peterson
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