ofxFlash is a addon for openFrameworks which enables the loading of Flash XFL files into openFrameworks
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ofxFlash is a addon for openFrameworks which enables the loading of Flash XFL files into openFrameworks.

Essentially it is a emulated version of the Flash player which is able to build Flash files and play it's content.
It is designed to work only with OpenFrameworks but I've tried to separate the classes and minimise dependencies to make it easier for future porting to other frameworks.


1) Loads flash XFL files and builds a OpenFrameworks version.
2) It emulates the Flash player run-time using the same display structure ( stage => sprite => display object container => interactive object => etc. )
3) Supports 2D matrix transformations for translating, scaling, rotating and skewing display objects and applying those transformations to their children.
4) Supports display lists, so display objects can be nested in other display objects.
5) Uses AS3 syntax where possible to make it easier for Flash devs to understand.
6) Supports rectangle and oval primitives.
7) Manages media assets ( Bitmap / Video / Sound ) through the ofxFlashLibrary class.
8) Mouse interaction is working! Mouse events filter down the parent-child chain taking into account mouseEnabled and mouseChildren properties.


1) Custom shape support. Working out XFL encoding of vector shape data and translating that into something OF friendly like a number of points.
2) Event dispatching and management using AS3 syntax.
3) Text support. Although this is a huge field, so we'll see how far it can be pushed.
4) Support for timeline tweening. At the moment a work around this is to create a tween, copy it onto another layer and break it into key frames.


1) OpenFrameworks 007
2) ofxXmlSettings