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Decode animated gif files in openframeworks.

gif palette extraction example


Unfortunately I am not using openframeworks these days and haven't had time to bring my addons up to date with recent versions. I don't have the time to review and test pull requests, so if you have an active fork that's up to date let me know and I'll include the link here.

Includes a simple example tested with openframeworks 0.8.1

Functionality is still very scarce. You can:

  • draw individual frames,
  • get frame duration info,
  • get the gif palette, etc.

If you like this, you will probably enjoy ofxGifEncoder too. They'll end up living together as ofxGif at some point.


props to robotconscience for fixing frame blending and missing PixelType problem


This addon is distributed under the MIT License which means you can use it in any context: commercial or non-commercial, public or private, open or closed source.