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openframeworks addon to export animated gifs

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Export animated gifs from openframeworks.


There is a simple example included

create an instance of ofxGifEncoder

ofxGifEncoder gifEncoder;

call setup

gifEncoder.setup(frameW, frameH, frameDuration, nColors);

(frameDuration is a float in seconds and nColors is an int from 0 to 256.)

optionally :) (see dithering patterns on the h file)


then add frames, either as ofImages or unsigned char *

gifEncoder.addFrame(foo.getPixels(), frameW, frameH);

when you're ready to save"test.gif");

the saving is now threaded, so it won't block your app. If you want to do something when saving is finished, you can subscribe to the event OFX_GIF_SAVE_FINISHED

ofAddListener(ofxGifEncoder::OFX_GIF_SAVE_FINISHED, this, &testApp::onGifSaved);
onGifSaved(string & fileName)


threaded saving, events, error checking and frame managing adapted from Nick Hardeman.


- Transaparent gifs!
- Provide option to choose palette?
- proper frame compression


one thing that it's not quite there yet is appropiate gif compression, so if your images are big or you have many frames you may end up with unnecesarily fat gifs.

If you use it, I'd love to see what for. Let me know at {myname}@{nameandsurname}.com !

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