Monogame template solution for Jetbrains Rider
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Monogame Template Solution for Jetbrains Rider

As Rider (still) does not have an official way of setting up Monogame projects, I created this template to build upon.

What's missing is Asset Pipeline support, as I don't use it.

To use the template:
  • Download the solution from the repository.
  • Update the files (and folders) MonogameTemplateRider.sln, MonogameTemplateRider/MonogameTemplateRider.csproj and Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs. Replace every mention of MonogameTemplateRider with the desired name for your solution and project.
  • Open the solution file (.sln) with Rider.
  • Right click the solution in the explorer, and the refactor, and adjust namespaces to your project's name.
  • Jesús González