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😸 Software Engineer, IBM Research

When I’m not busy helping the scientists to bring into the world the latest inventions of our labs I like to write free software, specially insecurity tools

Ribadeo image Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash

👽 In other lives, I worked as a VoIP programmer, a systems administrator, and even pentester.

☁️ In particular, I have very good memories of some stages. At Quobis, a company from home that I love, I pivoted from system engineer to developer. Later, with Filterly, appeared my first startup adventure. Playing with the whole stack by necessity and a time to learn to write JavaScript as the best. A couple of years after that I ended up at Feeld. More startup world party, tons of requests per minute and almost the same lessons learned.

📦 You can check some of my open source work at GitHub. We could define myself as a Node.js enthusiast and a Rust wannabe.

🔈 I often participate as a speaker in conferences and workshops at events related to information security and software development (JSDayES, Codemotion, Black Hat …).

📝 Years ago I had a blog and I used to collaborate with sites like Security By Default, webrtcH4cKS or Flu Project. All the presentations, workshop materials, and articles are organized in my Linkedin profile (under Publications).

🤙 If you want to contribute to any of these activities you can ping me on Twitter, buy me a huge beer or drop some coins here. (PGP)

PS: Almost forgot! We recently started this platform. It’s a pet project for now, but we have very good hopes. We’ll see how it finishes this time …

Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible (Richard Feynman)

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