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Commits on Mar 1, 2012
  1. test1

  2. test

  3. fixed some script tag references

    scottjehl authored
  4. @gseguin

    docs are not using requireJS anymore so use generated js/css resultin…

    gseguin authored
    …g from build instead of the custom doc bundle.
  5. @gseguin
  6. @gseguin
  7. @gseguin
  8. @gseguin
  9. @johnbender
  10. @johnbender
Commits on Feb 29, 2012
  1. @johnbender
  2. @johnbender
  3. @Wilto

    Addresses comments in issue #3613 — Inner highlight in buttons now co…

    Wilto authored
    …rrectly follow the border radius of the button.
  4. @Wilto
  5. modified the resetActivePageHeight internal function so that it subtr…

    scottjehl authored
    …acts top and bottom padding before setting the min-height amount. This fixes #3663. It may also influence issue #3556, so worth retesting.
  6. send focus to shown page. This behavior regressed after the transitio…

    scottjehl authored
    …ns handler focus and scroll order changed. Fixes #3658
  7. added CSS to the docs site to demonstrate how to override the dialog'…

    scottjehl authored
    …s top positioning. The docs is updated to describe how to add such CSS to a site as well. Fixes #3655
  8. ensure $.mobile.focusClass is actually used on buttons on focus/blur,…

    scottjehl authored
    … and in particular, focusin and focusout. This indirectly fixes #3658, making keyboard access clearer when themes have subtle state shifts. @toddparker, please confirm the fix and if I missed something beyond this, can you reopen?
  9. Merge remote branch 'origin/master'

    scottjehl authored
  10. no longer add a tabindex attribute to the h1, since we add one to the…

    scottjehl authored
    … page itself, and that's where we send focus on pageshow. Fixes #3659
  11. Merge pull request #3634 from agcolom/patch-61

    Scott Jehl authored
    Update docs/_assets/css/jqm-docs.css
  12. Merge pull request #3633 from agcolom/patch-60

    Scott Jehl authored
    Update css/structure/
Commits on Feb 28, 2012
  1. @Wilto

    Fixes keyboard controls on custom selects, previously breaking in any…

    Wilto authored
    … custom select with a header/dividers.
  2. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #3665 from agcolom/patch-62

    toddparker authored
    Update docs/pages/pages-themes/theme-b.html
  3. @gseguin

    Merge pull request #3666 from agcolom/patch-63

    gseguin authored
    Update docs/nav.html
  4. @agcolom

    Update docs/nav.html

    agcolom authored
  5. @agcolom
  6. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #3664 from dericcrago/issue_fixed_toolbars_docs

    toddparker authored
    [DOCS] fixed toolbar options removed extra quotes. Thanks dericcrago!
  7. @dericcrago

    removed extra quotes

    dericcrago authored
  8. @johnbender
  9. @johnbender
  10. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #3662 from jakeboone02/patch-8

    toddparker authored
    Make default theme gradients consistent across vendor prefixes. Thanks jakeboone02!
  11. @jakeboone02
  12. @toddparker
  13. @toddparker
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