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Ginger es una aplicación destinada a ofrecer recetas, tanto de comidas como de bebidas.
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Project: Ginger

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Project: Ginger is an open-source app, built using Flutter, which offers users food & cocktails recipes.

About the project

The only purpose of this project is to start developing native mobile apps, using the Flutter SDK. This development kit allows us to deploy it to Android & iOS with ease. The app has been developed to be light-weight, fast and easy to use.

With Project: Ginger, we're aiming to provide people with healthier food recipes, and make them aware of how many calories they've consumed over a certain period of time. When time's right, the app can also provide fun & tasty cocktails.

This project has participated in the #13 Concurso Universitario de Software Libre.


  • Food & cocktail recommendations: provides specific food & cocktails based on user habits.
  • Recipe search functionality: ability to search for recipes, based on specific filters

Future features

  • User stadistics: user can track total ingested daily calories.
  • User data on the cloud: uses user's Google account to synchronize his/her data between devices.

We WON'T share user data: everything is encrypted!

Download & install

First, clone the repository with the 'clone' command, or just download the zip.

$ git clone

Then, download either Android Studio or Visual Studio Code, with their respective Flutter editor plugins. For more information about Flutter installation procedure, check the official install guide.

Install dependencies from pubspec.yaml by running flutter packages get from the project root (see using packages documentation for details and how to do this in the editor).

There you go, you can now open & edit the project. Enjoy!

Built with



This project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 License - see the file for details.

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