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Jet Bridge (Django) for Jet Admin – Admin panel framework for your application
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Jet Bridge (Django)

Universal admin panel for Django



Jet is a SaaS service that automatically generates back office for your Django Application through REST API of Jet Bridge package installed to your project.

Visual. Admin interface can be easily changed without need of development with the help of Visual Editor.

Secure. Jet does not access your data: its transferred directly from browser to your application.

Customizable. Flex functions allow you to solve your specific business tasks when standard functionality is not enough.

This is a complete remake of popular Django Jet admin interface.


  • CRUD (create, read, update, delete):

    Create, view, update and delete data. Display it in an easy format, and then search and filter your data.

  • Dashboard:

    Create reports and visualize KPIs. Monitor new data like new orders, comments, etc.

  • Works with any technology:

    The interface is generated automatically based on an analysis of the data and data structure of your applications.

  • Visual editor:

    Customize the admin area to make it easy for any manager to use. Allow managers to modify the interface, configure features, and set up analytics widgets without using any developers — just like WIX, Squarespace….

  • Secure:

    Your data is safe. We do not have access to your information. We simply plug your information in to an easy-to-use interface for you to interact with it better.

  • Works on any device:

    The interface is optimized for any device from phones to tablets to desktops.

  • Quick installation:

    It takes only a few hours to integrate with your project.

  • Available 24/7:

    Use it around the clock and don’t worry about updates — we take care of that.

  • Manage users:

    Assign access rights to any data from within the panel.

  • Activity log:

    Track the history of all changes and know who made them.


  • Python – 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7
  • Django – 1.11, 2.0, 2.1


1. Download and install latest version of Jet Bridge:

pip install jet-django

2. Add 'jet_django' application to the INSTALLED_APPS setting of your Django project file:


3. Add URL-pattern to the urlpatterns of your Django project file:

from jet_django.urls import jet_urls

urlpatterns = [
  url(r'^jet_api/', include(jet_urls)),

4. Apply migrations:

python migrate jet_django

5. Restart your project

6. Open YOUR_PROJECT_URL/jet_api/register/ in browser to create a project


Feel free to Email us –


This project is MIT licensed - see the LICENCE file for details.

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