Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi
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Netflix Plugin for Kodi 18


This plugin is not officially commisioned/supported by Netflix. The trademark "Netflix" is registered by "Netflix, Inc."


  • Kodi 18 nightlybuild
  • Libwidevine (A german description how to get/install it, can be found here)
  • Inputstream.adaptive v2.0.4



  • Multiple profiles
  • Search Netflix (incl. suggestions)
  • Netflix categories, recommendations, "my list" & continue watching
  • Rate show/movie
  • Add & remove to/from "my list"
  • Export of complete shows & movies in local database (custom library folder can be configured, by default the .strm files are stored in userdata/addon_data/ )


Note: Those Todos are considered enhancements, they´re not issues, nor they prevent the usage of the plugin for everyday business

If you feel, you´d like to contribute to this plugin or directly work on one of these items, please open an issue & we can provide you with some help to get started

  • Add missing meta data for episodes/seasons (Cast, bookmark position, etc.)
  • Change list of shows to actual list of episodes in the "Continue watching"" section, like it´s done on the website
  • Enable possibility to export single episodes or seasons to the Library
  • Evaluate idea of an auto updating library exporter that keeps track (on Plugin start/on Service start maybe)
  • If a new user has been created, they need to select their movie/show preferences to actually get started, we could provide the same mechanisms in Kodi
  • Enable aggressive fetching of data in background (maybe using Futures), like the Netflix website does, to enhance the speed and the user experience when browsing the frontend

Something doesn't work

If something doesn't work for you, please:

  • Make sure all prerequisites are met
  • Enable verbose logging in the plugin settings
  • Enable the Debug log in you Kodi settings
  • Open an issue with a titles that summarises your problems and include:
    • Kodi version (git sha if possible)
    • Inputstream.adaptive version (git sha if possible)
    • Your OS and OS version
    • Libwedevine version
    • A Kodi debug log that represents your issue


Licenced under The MIT License. Includes pyjsparser by Piotr Dabkowski