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AGPL web interface for analysing netflow records and showing statistics designed to make it clear and easy to determine which hosts of the network are consuming data.
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** This software is considered deprecated and is here for reference only **

Web based application for reading newflow traffic records and reporting traffic usage by host, network range and protocol in periods matching that of the user's upstream ISP, to enable accurate and easy dermination of what systems are responsible for consuming monthly data caps.

This software is licensed under the GNU AGPL as detailed in docs/COPYRIGHT


  • docs/ Documentation, authors file, copyright/license and other information.

  • flowcollectors/ Scripts and resources for using to get data from Netflow collectors into this application

  • htdocs/ Web application.

  • resources/ Sample config files, spec files, packaging tools and other bits.

  • sql/ Database schemea install and upgrade components.

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