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Jethro's finance tools

This is a collection of tools that I use to do my accounting. They are not meant to be of use to anyone else in particular. The tools are meant for use on a GNU/Linuxy system. The tools are written in whatever language I felt like at the time of development. The following is a non-exhaustive list of dependencies:

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Bash
  • GnuCash (with Python bindings)
  • libofx
  • libaqbanking (with CLI tools)
  • OpenSP
  • csplit
  • pdftotext


This file runs all the tools to do a single online import. It does the following things in that order:

  • Transform PDF statements into OFX
  • Use aqbanking-cli to request all transactions from all banks, and save the returned OFX data.
  • Go through all OFX data and create missing securities and stock accounts.
  • Launch GnuCash and ask the user to import all the OFX files and close GnuCash.
  • Go through the OFX data and imported transactions, and modify them where appropriate.

Symbols file

Several utilities make use of a symbols database to match share/fund/ETF names. This file is in tab-separated values format, where the first column must be named Name and the last column Aliases. Records can have more fields than there are header columns, the excess fields will be considered other aliases. Other columns you should include are ISIN and CUSIP.

Accountmap file

Several utilities make use of an account map database to match securities income/expense transactions to their appropriate accounts. This file is in tab-separated values format, where the last column must be named Path. You must also include the Acct-Cur and Type columns. Acct-Cur identifies the parent brokerage account by account_code-currency_mnemonic, e.g. 12345678 -USD. Type can be one of COMMISSION, FEES, TAXES, WITHHOLDING, INCOME, or one of those followed by :Namespace:Id, or just Namespace:Id, where Id is the CUSIP/ISIN. The Path field is a tab-separated field of account names specifying the full account path of the target account.


Jethro's finance tools







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