Dump page tables on various OSes and analyze them
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Dump page tables on various OSes and analyze them.


Currently only dumping of x86-64 page tables is supported, and only on Linux and Windows.


There is a Linux kernel module that creates special procfs files which will dump the page tables of the accessing process. The file is in /proc/page_table_N, where N is the depth to dump (3=all levels).

To build and load:

sudo insmod ptdump.ko

The process that you want to dump the page tables for needs to read the file.


The current Windows page table dumper is built on top of WinDbg. This requires you to boot in debug mode (bcdedit /debug), but it does not require the installation of an untrusted driver. Unfortunately, this setup is quite slow. It does allow dumping the page tables of any running process.

To build and use:

  • Set the correct path to kd.exe on line 3 of main.cpp
  • Build the Visual C++ project
  • Run ptdump.exe <pid> [output-file].

Dump format

The dump format is very simplistic, consisting of 4104 byte records. The first 8 bytes of each record contain the physical address of a page. The next 4096 bytes represent that page, that is, 512 8-byte page table entries. The records are in no particular order.


The rust program ptanalyze will take a page table dump and resolve all pages in an address range, printing the virtual and physical addresses as well as the applicable access flags.

To build and load:

cargo build
cargo run -- <address> <length> <pt-dump-file>

The address and length need to be supplied in hexadecimal with the 0x prefix.