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kube-lego example

Create namespaces

# echoserver
kubectl apply -f echoserver/00-namespace.yaml
# kube-lego
kubectl apply -f lego/00-namespace.yaml
# nginx-ingress
kubectl apply -f nginx/00-namespace.yaml

Create a default http backend

kubectl apply -f nginx/default-deployment.yaml
kubectl apply -f nginx/default-service.yaml

Create nginx ingress

kubectl apply -f nginx/configmap.yaml
kubectl apply -f nginx/service.yaml
kubectl apply -f nginx/rbac.yaml
kubectl apply -f nginx/deployment.yaml

The nginx service uses a LoadBalancer to publish the service. A few minutes after you have added the nginx service, you will get it's public IP address or domain via kubectl:

kubectl describe svc nginx --namespace nginx-ingress
LoadBalancer Ingress:

This is the IP address where you have to point your domains to. IN AWS you will get a domain, use a CNAME record in this case.

Create an example app (echoserver)

kubectl apply -f echoserver/service.yaml
kubectl apply -f echoserver/deployment.yaml
kubectl apply -f echoserver/ingress-notls.yaml

Enable kube-lego

# ConfigMap (please setup you KUBE_LEGO EMAIL before deploying)
kubectl apply -f lego/configmap.yaml
# RBAC objects
kubectl apply -f lego/service-account.yaml
kubectl apply -f lego/cluster-role.yaml
kubectl apply -f lego/cluster-role-binding.yaml
# Deployment
kubectl apply -f lego/deployment.yaml
  • Change the email address in lego/configmap.yaml before creating the kubernetes resource
  • Please be aware that kube-lego creates it's related service on its own

Enable tls for echoserver ingress

kubectl apply -f echoserver/ingress-tls.yaml

Get debug information

  • Look at the log output of the nginx pod
  • Look at the log output of the ingress pods
  • Sometimes after acquiring a new certificate nginx needs to be restarted (as it's not watching change events for secrets)