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Navigator - self managed DBaaS on Kubernetes

Navigator is a Kubernetes extension for managing common stateful services on Kubernetes. It is implemented as a custom apiserver that operates behind kube-aggregator and introduces a variety of new Kubernetes resource types.

As a result of this design, managing your services feels as natural as any other resource in Kubernetes core. This means you can manage fine-grained permissions via conventional RBAC rules, allowing you to offer popular but complex services "as a Service" within your organisation.

For more in-depth information and to get started, jump to the docs.

Here's a quick demo of creating, scaling and deleting a Cassandra database:

Supported databases

Whilst we aim to support as many common applications as possible, it does take a certain level of operational knowledge of the applications in question in order to develop a pilot. Therefore, we'd like to reach out to others that are interested in our efforts & would like to see a new application added (or existing one improved!).

Please search for or create an issue for the application in question you'd like to see a part of Navigator, and we can begin discussion on implementation & planning.

Name Version Status Notes
Elasticsearch 5.x Alpha more info
Cassandra 3.x Alpha more info


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