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GKE data gatherer

It pulls information about one cluster from the GKE API.


Here you have a sample configuration file setting up the GKE data gatherer.

You have to set these parameters in the configuration:

  • project: the ID of your Google Cloud Platform project.
  • location: the compute zone or region where your cluster is running.
  • cluster: the name of your GKE cluster.
  • credentials optional : path to a file containing valid credentials for your cluster. Useful if you want to configure a separate service account. If not specified, it will attept to use Workload Identity. If you run Preflight locally on your machine, you can just run gcloud auth application-default login


The output of the GKE data gatherer follows this format:

  "Cluster": {...}

The Cluster property is a JSON representation of

Tip: Use the 'intermediate' output format to get the raw output from the data gatherer. You can use that try your rego rules.

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