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0.9781: Fri Jun 04 2010
- hrm, there are serious critical flaws in Parse::Lex. I wish this module
wasn't married to it. Parse::Template::ppregexp intentionally changes !
to \! before it's ineserted in the template. perl5.8.8 doesn't care at
all if (?<!blarg) is actually spelled (?<\!blarg) -- although, perhaps it
should -- but perl5.10 and up *does* care about that.
- I found a way to do blarg(?<!blarg) without a bang -- kindof.
0.9780: Thu Jun 03 2010
- I hope CPAN thinkgs 0.9780>0.9.7.i
0.9.7.i: Thu Jun 03 2010
- I really haven't worked on this project for a while. Resurrecting it.
- There are problem better choices for SGF parsing on CPAN, but I have
this deployed in a lot of places, so it's worth it to keep it working
for me. The largest part of the renewed interest is the fact that
Parse::Lex installs/tests correctly now.
2006-05-12 07:28:
To let us parse IGS SGFs out of the box, I made CoPyright[blather blather] equiv to FF[4]... *sigh*
2006-03-09 13:58:
I found a bug in the ref copy routine -- that omits comments from nodes returned by as_perl()!
2005-01-19 16:20ish:
The Many Faces of Go seems to generate SGFs that SGF2misc can't handle!
I'm working on it. MFoG uses [tt] pass format. Arguably, this is wrong,
but according to the specs it's legal in FF[4]. So added.