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Crypt::PBC is an OO interface for the Stanford PBC
C Perl
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This is tested against libpbc version 0.4.18 .

(The v0.8+ builds will pull the right version of libpbc and try to build it on some platforms.)


Copyright (C) 2008 by Paul Miller


    use Crypt::PBC;

    my $pairing = new Crypt::PBC("params_d.txt");
    my $G1      = $pairing->init_G1->random;
    my $G2      = $pairing->init_G2->random->double->square;
    my $GT      = $pairing->init_GT->pairing_apply( $G1, $G2 );


"Chapter 1. Overview"

The following text is the Overview chapter from the PBC library

    The PBC library is a free portable C library designed to make it
    easy to implement pairing-based cryptosystems. It provides an
    abstract interface to a cyclic group with a bilinear pairing, and
    the programmer does not need to worry about, or even know about
    elliptic curves.

    It is built on top of GMP, another C library which performs
    arbitrary precision arithmetic on integers, rationals and floats
    with strong emphasis on portability and speed.

    The PBC library homepage:

    The GMP library homepage:
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