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replay git commits into an svn repo for the purpose of showing commits in trac without a plugin
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lib/Git a typo on my own module name... *sigh*
t some people don't speak english as their first language...
.gitignore ignore this stuff (updates)
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Git this is for my pre-commit hook: perl -c git-svn-replay
MANIFEST.SKIP skip most tests when git/svn not present
README generated a readme... pod2readme probably turns into MY::postamble la… version up
git-svn-replay version up


    This tool simply replays a git repo into an svn repo for the
    purpose of using svn natively in Trac. It has the side effect
    of helping to import more than one project into Trac --
    something it did not yet support at the time of this writing.

    The svn repo that this tool creates and uses is assumed to be
    a throwaway and is not meant for people to pull from or push
    to. It will most likely get dropped and recreated from
    scratch more than once (from bugs in this app or other
    problems). This means that the revision numbers will be
    almost useless and patches may not align quite right.

    This tool is really *only* useful for viewing commits in
    Trac. It probably has no other purpose.

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