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1.0214: Fri Oct 02 2009
- the -q option was borked, fixed
1.0213: Mon Jul 20 2009
- I made the makefile smarter about svn permissions to avoid
test problems
1.0211: Sun May 3 17:22:29 EDT 2009
- fixed a bunch of bad assumptions in the tests.
1.0210: Mon Apr 27 21:46:06 EDT 2009
- fixed vile bugs in the .pm -- they were obviated by changes to T::GF
1.0200: Sat Apr 25 21:34:30 EDT 2009
- if no arguments and no dir to cd into, just show the help
- replaced all croaks (misleading/meaningless) with meaninful and not
misleading edie
- fixed a git-repo-assumption, namely, relative path git repos won't be
where you'd think once you cd into the
- fixed a bad format bug
1.0001: Fri Apr 24 07:31:16 EDT 2009
- converting the script to a module (mostly)
1.0: Thu Apr 23 15:46:27 EDT 2009
- I had released this before, but it was crap.
- There are too many chagnes to list here, see github: (Also, please ignore previous
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