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<todo version="0.1.19">
<note priority="high" time="1245956379" done="1245980432">
make a test for passing Net::Pcap objects to new() ... or at least try it
<note priority="medium" time="1216934250" done="1217006961">
this needs documentation
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1245964357" done="1246015645">
use the and to test thing without even requiring root
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1245980471" done="0">
I got, but I still have to test and ....
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1245980497" done="0">
... I should probably test a lot of the shit from the &lt; t/31 tests that needs root
<note priority="high" time="1245962915">
document the new constructor things
<note priority="medium" time="1216934274">
check the tests to try to eliminate as many timing issues as possible
<note priority="medium" time="1216991127">
add udp tests
<note priority="medium" time="1216991131">
add arp tests
<note priority="medium" time="1216991135">
add rarp tests
<note priority="medium" time="1217006976">
use my $iface = IO::Interface::Simple-&gt;new($dev); to provide $iface-&gt;hwaddr, $iface-&gt;address, $iface-&gt;netmask ... see
<note priority="medium" time="1217068940">
ipv6 netpacket decoder