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NOAA puts out a list of METAR data collected from airport weather stations. They are fun to read.
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   This app is all about METAR. Attempts to process the METAR data are purely
   for educational and learning purposes. This app is only intended for
   people who wish to learn to read METAR or already know how to do so.

   You may report bugs and request features by using the github issue

   If it is easier, you may also email support, bug, and feature requests to

   Problems with METAR decoding should be reported using the form built into
   the decode page. If you think there's a problem with a particular decode,
   select “Report Metar Decode” from the app menu on the Decode card.

What is METAR?

   METAR data is a form of weather data that comes in standardized human
   readable (really!) text. Pilots and meteorologists can glance at a page of
   METAR data and get an accurate 3D picture of the weather over huge regions
   and altitudes.

   It does take some effort to learn, but it's worth it.

   Here are some helpful links:

     * [1]METAR on Wikipedia
     * [2]FMH-1 METAR Handbook (html)
     * [3]Wikihow: METAR

   This is the source of the data for this app.

What about TAF?

   I'm getting a lot of requests for TAF support. I'm having a
   hard time finding good information on decoding it, but I am
   working on it. The FMH-1 METAR document, for example,
   enumerated everything from what the definitions mean, to how
   to measure them. Where is the equivalent document for TAF? If
   you have information on this [5]let me know.

     * [6]TAF on Wikipedia
     * [7]WMU Documents on GDPS
     * [8]Space Archive (tutorial)


   Visible links
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