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# This module produces results rather like L<XML::Simple>, but
# without the ambiguity problems inherent in going from XML to
# Perl.
use strict;
use warnings;
use XML::CuteQueries;
my $CQ = XML::CuteQueries->new;
<row><f1> 7</f1><f2>11</f2><f3>13</f3></row>
my $arrayref_of_hashrefs = $CQ->cute_query(
# the top level query is for the <data> elements
# the shape of the only top level query is [],
# so it returns one [] -- for the one <data> element
"data" => [
# the contents of the top level [] is a sub query for row elements.
# Each row element should be a hashref, so the data-[] will contain
# three row-{} hashrefs
row => {
# the contents of those hashrefs is a subquery for any tag found
# there. The tag names are preserved as keys because we're
# sitting in the context of a hashref.
# the shape of each match result is '', so it just returns the
# contents of each tag as a string.
'*' => '',
# [ {f1=> 7, f2=>11, f3=>13},
# {f1=>17, f2=>19, f3=>23},
# {f1=>29, f2=>31, f3=>37}, ]
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