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This application started as a demo project for using grails. I am creating an application that can be used to
schedule persons on projects by week number.
I try to use plugins that are available and program as little as possible. The following list gives the plugins I use
next to the plugins that are used out-of-the-box.
- acegi-0.5.2 (access control)
- bubbling-2.1.1 (comes with the grails-ui plugin)
- db-util-0.4 (used to look at the database during development)
- grails-ui-1.2-SNAPSHOT (Creating visual components)
- joda-time-0.5 (for more control on date and time objects)
- mail-0.9 (well I guess for sending emails)
- navigation-1.1 (used for the main and top navigation)
- yui- (comes with the grails-ui plugin)
- searchable-0.5.5 (plugin using compass and lucene to make you groovy domain objects searchable)
- feeds-1.5 (plugin used to expose an rss feed)
I am writing a series of blog posts to explain what I am creating: