Sample application showing Dropwizard in combination with Elasticsearch
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Application with utilities to maintain Elasticsearch. At the moment the focus is on indexes. You can change some properties like number_of_replicas, but you can also close/open/optimize/delete the indexes. A very interesting feature is to copy indexes with a number of options. Check the functions section.

Using the tool

To be able to use the tool you have to build it using maven. Than you have to create a configuration file. Finally run the created jar file. The steps in more detail.

build using maven

We use the shade plugin to create a single runnable jar. The command to do this is easy.

mvn package

The result is a big jar file in the target folder called dropwizard-elastic-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. In the run section we explain how to use this big jar to actually run the application.

Create config.yml

We use a config.yml file to configure the application. In this file we configure the elasticsearch connection and the location of the file upload storage. Below is an example configuration.

elasticsearchHost: localhost:9300
clusterName: jc-play
usernamePassword: jettro:nopiforme
tempUploadFolder: /Users/yourname/temp/uploads/

  - type: http
    port: 9000
  - type: http
    port: 9001

Run the application

Now it is time to start the application. Create the config.yml file and copy the jar file to the same location. Than start the application using the following command.

java -jar web-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar server config.yml

The output should end with the following two sentences

INFO  [2015-11-24 21:19:53,473] org.eclipse.jetty.server.ServerConnector: Started application@4b14918a{HTTP/1.1}{}
INFO  [2015-11-24 21:19:53,474] org.eclipse.jetty.server.ServerConnector: Started admin@6d1ef78d{HTTP/1.1}{}


The application makes heave use of Dropwizard, the rest api and an AngularJS front-end.