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Arduino Ethernet / Wifi Aurora Monitor V2 and Twitter feed

Copyright: Jetty, Februrary 2013
License: GNU General Public License v3:

Please see Thing 47973 for details about construction and usage.

This software has been tested on Arduino Ethernet and Linksprite DiamondBack Arduino.

It should also work an an Arduino with Ethernet Shield or an Arduino with Wifi Shield or
built in Wifi that is Asynclab Black Widow WiShield 1.0 compatible.

It's highly recommended that you build this with the Arduino 1.0.1 IDE or later as
it was tested on this version.   Because of limited SRAM on the Arduino, and differences
in library versions / compilers / IDEs etc. it's also recommended you use the libraries
included in this repository.


1. Install the libraries attached in Arduino/libraries and restart the ArduinoIDE
(If you do not have a Wifi capable Arduino, you do not need to install the WiShield library)

2. Choose the appropriate sources for your board type, i.e. AuroraMonitorEthernet or AuroraMonitorWifi

3. All settings can be found at the top of the .ino source file.  
   Configure your network, twitter, timezone, local aurora and led settings.

4. This can be built with or without LCD and Pushbutton support.  To build
without LCD, comment out #define LCD_ENABLED .  If you're building without LCD, then
follow the build instructions for Aurora Monitor V1:

5. Upload to the board.

6. In case of issues, there's substantial debugging information on the serial port.

7. Tune your RGB LED Colors in the ledStatuses variable.

8. If you are building with LCD, you need to set the Daylight Savings, hold the push button
for 7 seconds and release, this will enter DST mode.  Now press the push button momentarily to
switch between DST ON and DST OFF.  To exit this mode, hold the push button for 7 seconds and release.

The DST setting is saved in EEPROM and is maintained when power is off.


Arduino Ethernet / Wifi Aurora Monitor and twitter feed (




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