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ReplicatorG was forked from the Arduino project in 2008 by Zach
Smith. Adam Mayer took over maintenance of ReplicatorG in 2009.
ReplicatorG includes several versions of Skeinforge, written by
Enrique Perez and others. See Enrique's blog for details:
Other contributors are listed below. In cases where I couldn't find
the contributor's full name, I've listed their github handle instead.
* Miles Lightwood
* Eberhard Rensch
* Charles Pax
* Markus Klink
* Mikko Sivulainen
* chlunde
* koenkooi
* Aaron Colwell
* Rick Kimball
* Andreas Fuchs
* Erik DeBruijn
* Robert Giseburt
* Rob Gilson
* Marius Kintel
* Nick Starno
* Matt Mets
* Laurence Laycock
* Noah Levy
* Ben Rockhold
* Far McKon
* Bill Canfield
* Dan Newman
* Jetty
* Alison Leonard
* Ted Branston
If I've left you off this list, let me know ASAP and I'll add your
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