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This is the firmware source for the RepRap Generation 3 and MakerBot 
Generation 4 board sets.

If you're getting started, please begin by reading the documentation for
the firmware:

This project contains the following subdirectories:
* firmware - this is the firmware, where active development takes place.
       See for details on how to
       build and install the code.
* bootloader - this contains a slightly modified version of the Arduino
       bootloader for installing on older extruder controller boards.  It
       includes code to quickly shut down all mosfets to avoid possible
       damage during bootloader startup.
* dist - this directory contains tools and scripts for quickly installing
       bootloaders and board images on Piles O' Boards.


This software incorporates code related to acceleration from Marlin:


This software is covered by GNU General Public License v3 and according
to section 7.), subsection b), additional permissions for author 
attribution are required on any work that incorporates, is derived
or inspired from the following components:

a) JKN Advance
b) YAJ (Yet Another Jerk)
c) Altshell ReplicatorG plugin
d) Pause @ ZPos
e) Advance Pressure Relax

Author attribution is required as follows:

  1. If the device this software is executed on has an LCD or
     display screen attached, credit/attribution must be provided
     on this screen with at least 1 second duration when and each
     time the device is powered on.

  2. If the device does not have a display screen attached and the
     software is distributed in binary form, then credit/attribution
     is required to be displayed to the user prior to installation of
     the binary software.

  3. If the software is being supplied in source code form, then any
     existing credit/attributions must be retained.

  4. If the software is being supplied in source code form, but it is
     derived or inspired from this source code, then Credit/Attribution
     below must be provided in the source code near the top of the source

  5. The additional permissions listed here are required to be included
     in their entirety with any license file of any derivative works that
     use the above features.


This software uses the following components from Jetty Firmware:
authored by Dan Newman and Jetty.