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This repository contains sources for the Sailfish Reference Manual written and Copyright (c) 2014, Laurel Newman. See the file LICENSE.txt for licensing terms.

To produce the documentation contained here, the following tools are needed

  1. LaTeX distribution including the TeX engine, pdflatex, and htlatex (tex4ht).

  2. Ghostscript (used by pdflatex and htlatex).

  3. Image Magick (used by pdflatex, htlatex, and the make procedures).

  4. A JDK and JRE for comiling and running Java (used to make simulated LCD screen snapshots).

  5. Any tools, libraries, etc. needed by the above.

To build the documenation, just issue the command


from the top-level directory. The final sailfish-reference.pdf and sailfish-reference.html file (plus linked pages and images) will be output to the directory doc/output/.

The command

make clean

may be used to remove all intermediate and final files.