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Template engine for custom post type and custom field output.
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A template engine for custom post type and custom field output.

This plugin hasn't been very well documented yet, but has been tested a great deal on a few sites including,, and It basically allows you to use some markup within two [jet-acf-template] shorttags to display single or looped posts according to categories, post types, etc, as well as limit and paginate the results that come back up.

Generally speaking, it is a third piece of the "CPT-UI/ACF/..." trifecta for editing custom post types and displaying them in custom ways on your WordPress website without having to dig into your PHP code to code out custom display functionality.

Installation and Use

  1. Install Custom Post Type UI (CPT UI) plugin.
  2. Install the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  3. Download the php file and drop it in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  4. Use markup (see sample below) in the content of pages that will display looped/paginated custom posts.

Markup Sample

There's not a lot of documentation for this yet. However if you don't want to have to dig around the code to figure out how to use it, here's a head start: some markup that is used on one of the websites that this plugin has been implemented on:

[jet-acf-template post-type="post" category="frontpage" posts_per_page="2"]
  <div class="news-item width-full">
    <a class="title" href="{:post_permalink:}">{:post_title:}</a>
    {if: field:post_image op:neq args:"":}
     <img class="full" src="{:post_image:}" />
    {/if: field:post_image op:neq args:"":}
    <a href="{:post_permalink:}/"> Read more >> </a>


  • Single value references in multi-value array values (like checkboxes) using "array[]" bracket notation
  • Logical blocks for pseudo-coding PHP
  • Markup for reading GET, POST and other variables
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