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Scripts and demo webapp for YouDebug talk at Majug on April 26th 2012
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h1. YouDebug demo

h2. Build demo app

./gradlew war

h2. run demo app in Eclipse debugger start web application "buggyweb" on a servlet runtime browse to "http://localhost:8080/buggyweb/MyServlet":http://localhost:8080/buggyweb/MyServlet

h2. run demo app in Tomcat

bc. cd $CATALINA_HOME bin/ jpda start

browse to "http://localhost:8080/buggyweb/MyServlet":http://localhost:8080/buggyweb/MyServlet

h3. show Tomcat log file

bc. tail -30f logs/ +%Y-%m-%d.log

h2. Run demo app in Jetty

export GRADLE_OPTS="-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=8001" ./gradlew jettyRun

browse to "http://localhost:8081/buggyweb/MyServlet":http://localhost:8081/buggyweb/MyServlet

h3. line break

bc. ./youdebug -socket 8000 linebreak.ydb ./youdebug -socket 8001 linebreak.ydb

h3. diagnostics: exception

bc. ./youdebug -socket 8000 exception.ydb ./youdebug -socket 8001 exception.ydb

h3. diagnostics: parameter check

bc. ./youdebug -socket 8000 diagnose.ydb ./youdebug -socket 8001 diagnose.ydb

h3. First fix

bc. ./youdebug -socket 8000 firstbugfix.ydb ./youdebug -socket 8001 firstbugfix.ydb

h3. Final fix

bc. ./youdebug -socket 8000 finalbugfix.ydb ./youdebug -socket 8001 finalbugfix.ydb

h3. threaddump

bc. ./youdebug -socket 8000 threaddump.ydb ./youdebug -socket 8001 threaddump.ydb

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