Test environment for running Grails on OSGi
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Test environment Grails on OSGi


This repository contains the basic settings required to start a Grails application in an OSGi environment. Currently the Grails application will be run as a monolithic bundle containing all dependencies. Further modularization is the next step on this journey. See also my blog at http://blog.jetztgrad.net/grails-on-osgi/


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Get Pax Runner 1.3.0 from http://paxrunner.ops4j.org/ and install it parallel to the repository’s directory.
    If you install Pax Runner somewhere else, adjust variable PAXRUNNER_HOME in script runpax.
  3. Create a simple Grails application with Grails 1.2M4, war it using grails war and set its path in config/osgitest-app.profile


Simply run pax-osgitest (Maven will download the Internet, so it takes some time during the first run). Pax Runner configures the OSGi framework, provisiones bundles, starts it and drops you to the OSGi console.

When running on Windows, the script files runpax and pax-osgitest must be adjusted accordingly. See Pax Runner for notes on special Windows jandling.

Typing ss shows all installed bundles, help provides info regarding available commands.


The test environment loads the Equinox OSGi Framework (version 3.5.1), Spring-DM 2.0M1, Spring 3.0RC1, Jetty (Tomcat doesn’t work right know).