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Compilation error in Grails 2.0.3 #2

limcheekin opened this Issue · 2 comments

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| Compiling 4 source files.
| Error Compilation error: startup failed:
/root/.grails/2.0.3/projects/simple-mongo/plugins/spy-0.2/grails-app/controllers/net/jetztgrad/grails/spy/SpyController.groovy: The [getBeanByPath] action accepts a parameter of type [java.util.Map] which does not appear to be a command object class. This can happen if the source code for this class is not in this project and the class is not marked with @Validateable.

I am using mongodb instead of hibernate plugin for gorm.


That is caused by Grails 2.x using all public methods as controller actions.
Could you please try to add "protected" in front of the methods getBeanDefinition(), getBeanByPath(), and getRootBeans() in SpyController.groovy?


Thanks for quick response. It works. I will send you a pull request later.

@limcheekin limcheekin closed this
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