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Lemberg is a time-predictable VLIW processor optimized for
Lemberg can execute up to four instructions per cycle in a four-stage
pipeline. The processor includes four ALUs, a jump- and a memory-unit,
and optionally also an FPU for single and double precision
floating-point numbers. Instructions are cached in a method cache, and
data may be cached in a stack cache, direct-mapped cache or a fully
associative cache.
Lemberg is time-predictable in the sense that the execution time of
program fragments does not depend on the pipeline state. Variable
execution times may only arise from memory accesses; therefore, the
caches have been designed to reduce the overestimation for worst-case
execution time analysis as much as possible.
The processor runs at 66 MHz in an Altera DE2-70 board, where it
consumes about 54K logic cells and 61KB of on-chip memory, including
the floating-point unit and caches.
Along with the hardware implementation come an assembler, a back-end
for LLVM, and a basic port of the newlib libc implementation. Having
both a hardware implementation and a tool chain to compile regular C
programs set Lemberg apart from many other open-source processor
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