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Udacity Project 2: Portfolio

Build a Portfolio Site

How do I Complete this Project?

All of the lessons you'll need to help you build this can be found in Part 2. Responsive Websites.

Depending on your background knowledge of HTML and CSS, you may not need to complete all lessons to build this project. To evaluate what you'll need to know, start by downloading the mockup we've provided and review the Project Rubric.

Be sure to follow the Project Rubric closely when designing your page. For example, note that HTML5 semantic (structural) elements must be used to organize content.


  1. Download the design mockup file from the Downloadables section (in the lower right hand corner of your screen, just below this text) and review it.
  2. Identify the various boxes you will need to build in order to recreate this design.
  3. Write your HTML and CSS files, continue to iterate until your work is representative of the design mockup.
  4. Take the time to personalize your portfolio with custom colors, additional content and your own images.
  5. Validate your HTML and CSS against the W3C's Validators. Note: the validators consider the following errors, whereas Udacity accepts these errors as acceptable:
  6. HTML5: Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta when using the X-UA-Compatible meta tag.
  7. CSS3: Property [some property here] is an unknown vendor extension when using vendor prefixed properties (like -moz-box-sizing).

What now?

If you need tutorials on HTML and CSS to create this project, go straight over to your first course in this Nanodegree: Intro to HTML and CSS. Don't wait, get started learning now!

Supporting Materials design-mockup-portfolio.pdf

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