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Why do this?

  • This project is specific to Toronto Open Data
  • Open Data api from the city is super slow, you can't use it to build anything meaningful because it'll probably slow down even further
  • 4+ years worth of data is enough to analyze
  • as a citizen , it is simply interesting and responsible to analyze what our city does and how it performs

DEV Stack

  • .env is used for environment variables (MONGOURL,etc)
  • Front End: AngularJS + Bootstrap
  • NodeJS (hapi for api endpoints ,requests, Promises, Grunt)
  • MongoDB (mongoose)
  • Outbound connection to scrape data from opendata site


  • Toronto Open data api is slow , seriously slow, this project provides much faster data access
  • Data for 311 requests is available from 2009 onwards
  • Scraping is possibly by running importdata311.js , for each 25 days (maximum their api provides)
  • AngularJS based ui with bootstrap for data
  • Grunt tasks
    • grunt hapi task will start the api server
    • grunt tasks provide building, checking, running livereload, jslint, etc

Notes about data

  • "status_notes": "In progress - The request is being investigated, assessed and/or responded to; additional work may be required, if applicable.",
  • "status_notes": "Completed - The request has been concluded.",
  • "status_notes": "In progress - The request has been scheduled.",
  • status is open or closed
  • agency_responsible is always 311 Toronto
  • most are "service_name": "Road - Pot hole", or "...... Graffiti Complaint"
  • lat/lng and address can be null - Weird, where did the work occur

ENV stuff


Model (mongoose) for issues (properly indexes for GEO lookup)

  var IssueSchema = Schema( 
		status: String,
		service_request_id: Number,
		status_notes: String,
		service_name: String,
		desc: String,
		agency: String,
		service_notice: String,
		requested_datetime: Date,
		updated_datetime: Date,
		expected_datetime: Date,
		address: String,
		address_id: Number,
		zipcode: String,
		media_url: String,
		loc: {lat: Number,  lng: Number }


Raw Access to Toronto Open data




"service_requests": [
"service_request_id": 101001356540,
"status": "open",
"status_notes": "In progress - The request has been scheduled.",
"service_name": "Road - Pot hole",
"service_code": null,
"description": null,
"agency_responsible": "311 Toronto",
"service_notice": null,
"requested_datetime": "2012-02-05T20:29:00-05:00",
"updated_datetime": null,
"expected_datetime": "2012-02-10T20:30:00-05:00",
"address": "296 BRUNSWICK AVE",
"address_id": 8417961,
"zipcode": null,
"long": -79.407597678,
"lat": 43.665497385,
"media_url": null
"service_request_id": 101001353098,
"status": "open",
"status_notes": "In progress - The request has been scheduled.",
"service_name": "Road - Pot hole",
"service_code": null,
"description": null,
"agency_responsible": "311 Toronto",
"service_notice": null,
"requested_datetime": "2012-02-02T07:50:00-05:00",
"updated_datetime": null,
"expected_datetime": "2012-02-07T07:50:00-05:00",
"address": "police #86479, toronto (Ms.)",
"address_id": null,
"zipcode": null,
"long": null,
"lat": null,
"media_url": null