Lottery games + scalable message driven backend (originally from 2007)
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NOTES ON THIS PROJECT Originally Designed and build by Serge Bornow in 2007

2 Main Components

  • Logic - several lottery implementations
  • Using a Queue (message driven) processing millions of game can be achieved

Other notes

  • This project was built with Java 1.5 or 1.6 in mind and to run on Jboss or other EJB capable platform
  • NetBeans IDE was used

GameLogic - logic


Pick - a single character a-z , e.g. A, e.g. user will select a series of picks e.g. ABCD

Play - a single series of Picks e.g. Play: A B C D E F G

Note: a user can select multiple plays within one game Important notice: Each play is compared against server pick and each one is tracked Each play is compared and best is chosen for the Draw

Some Important notes:


  • class BaseGame contains a property Id which is a InstanceID
  • It is advised to remove 3 Test classes as well as NewMain from the enterprise module


If ALL are eliminated at once (1st round) the game is a DRAW All players win

If in Elimination only one player is left, he/she is the winner

Enterprise module - JMS, Database class contains a sample of how to run a game , please remove for production

Very important: Commons-primitives.jar are needed to deploy enterprise module as well as the same version of gameServer.jar

2 files are configurable for JNDI context both reside in a package com.jeveloper.gameserver.enterprise.mdb hence it would be the same folder file contains information for a Web Tier server where the message will be sent to upon completion of a game , instead of a localhost, an ip can be used file contains information that used by the persistence piece Also in configuration i've placed a mysql-ds.xml file which is a setup file for a Datasource it is ready for use, a mysql driver is required to be placed in a shared lib folder for Jboss

To change the location of these files to a better place: alter Utility class

StartMDB is deployable EJB 3.0 Message Driven Bean that is invoked upon receiving a message via a queue . To alter the name of a queue, the following has to be changed and redeployed. propertyName = "destination", propertyValue = "queue/GameStarter")

Side NOTE: a permanent Queue with the same name should be setup using Jboss's service description See XML files located in the jboss with same queue already deployed A queue can also be restricted with username and password as well as JNDI itself.


A single transaction would attempt to store all draws at once in a batch to be effective Upon failure a rollback happens, otherwise implicit commit.

Upon completion of a game, then persistence , a message is sent back to Web Tier from RespondUponCompletion class Note: a different style of coding JMS messages is used in this class simply for demonstration , whichever is preferred.