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Scan a MHacks attendee badge and view a map of the UMichigan's Intramural Building in AR.
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AR Map.arproj
AR Map.arprojbk

AR Map for University of Michigan's Intramural Building

This was a project built at MHacks 12. We leveraged Spark AR and 3D modelling tools, Rhino and Maya, to create a map of the building the hackathon was hosted in.

Our project scanned any MHacks attendee badge and returned a colour coded map, map switcher, legend and music, alongside some animation work.

Halfway through Saturday, one of our team members spilled Arizona on his laptop. We lost all our progress on our CAD models and had to start them from scratch, so the maps don't look as detailed as we'd like them to.

Regardless, this ended up being a neat proof-of-concept for an idea we thought could be used across many spaces, such as malls, amusement parks, etc.

Attendee Badge Left Side View Bird's Eye View Right Side View
Attendee Badge Left Side View Bird's Eye View Right Side View
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