Distributed FTP operation tool.
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Matrix Entry (Old name PowerFTP)

What does the project do? The project intends to create a tool to operate distributed servers or large-scals computers.

Why create this project? I was troubled by operating many servers (Linux) when working as an engineer. To comfortable myself, I program a tool to operate these manchines in a simple way. That is distribute the commands which excuted on the master computer to many slave servers. At beginning, I create a project named "PowerFTP" to uploadand delete file based on the command distribution. Later, I modify the name to be Matrix Entry which will include the functions like FTP, SFTP, SSH, TELNET.

What are the advantages about Matrix Entry?

  1. You can operate the whole nodes of computer network just by operating on one machine.
  2. Executing command "./matrix" under the Matrix Entry directory, you can enjoy the convenience of computer network operation.
  3. Easy to use. All of the commands in the MAtrix Entry are the same with FTP, SFTP, SSH, TELNET.