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Converts text to be gender neutral.
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Live version on GitHub pages!

What is Gender Neutral Text Converter?

This website converts gendered text into gender-neutral text using singular they. It runs in client-side Javascript.

Why does this exist?

Screening and interview processes often include a written component. By using gender-neutral language, we can reduce unconscious gender bias in hiring processes. Because this kind of content is often sensitive, this script runs on the user's local machine. No Internet connection is required. Text never touches a server or the cloud.

I would love to hear other use cases for this script. Feel free to email me.


A linguistics library would be necessary to fix most of the below known issues.

  • Cannot distinguish her to their/them: her apple vs. say hello to her.
  • Misses some irregular verbs.
  • Misses verbs that do not immediately follow subject: She really likes hot sauce. She dances and prances.
  • Cannot handle some foreign location names: he'shan

Feature requests

Pull requests are welcome.


Thanks to Jitu D, Peter G, Joseph O, Omari S, Momo W, and Alex W for brainstorming and feedback.

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