Django authentication backend against a privacyIDEA server. (
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Django privacyIDEA authentication backend

Authenticate against a privacyIDEA server. (


virtualenv --python=python3.5 Django_python3.5
source Django_python3.5/bin/activate
pip install django-privacyidea-auth

Or from github

virtualenv --python=python3.5 Django_python3.5
source Django_python3.5/bin/activate
git clone
pip install django-privacyidea-auth/

Quick start

Add the following to your project/

AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS =  ('django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend',
                            'django_privacyidea_auth.privacyidea_auth.PrivacyIDEA', )
    'url' : 'https://privacyidea/validate/samlcheck',
    'timeout' : 5,
    'ssl_verify' : False,
    'create_user' : False,
    'update_attributes': True,
    'realm': None,
    'enforce_realm': False,

'url': url of privacyIDEA server to validate the user

'timeout': validation timeout in seconds

'ssl_verify': certificate verification, set to True is strongly advised

'create_user': if set to True, the user in the django DB will be created, if PrivacyIDEA returns a successful authentication

'update_attributes': if set to True, the user attributes in the django DB will be updated, if privacyidea samlcheck returns user attributes

'realm': if set, the realm of the user, who tries to authenticate. If the realm is None, the user is looked up in the default realm

'enforce_realm': if set, login name must contains '@' too separates realm from the username