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Small tool to automate running a custom command repeatedly (in vim) during development.

The command can be customized on a per-repository (or per-directory) basis.


Symlink or move zing to some place in your PATH, such as ~/bin. I also symlink it as ~/bin/,z for reasons which will be made obvious shortly.

Add the following rules to your .vimrc:

" Note: Add <C-O> if you'd prefer for vim to stay in insert mode after
"       running the zing script

" if you prefer F4
nnoremap <F4> :call Zing()<CR>
inoremap <F4> <C-C>:call Zing()<CR>

" if you prefer a leader
let mapleader = ","
noremap <silent> <Leader>z :call Zing()<CR>
inoremap <silent> <Leader>z <C-C>:call Zing()<CR>
func! Zing()
  exec "w"
  exec "!zing"

Ignoring with git globally

I ignore the .zing files in all repositories by adding the following to ~/.gitconfig:

  excludesfile = /home/jewel/.gitignore_global

And the following content in ~/.gitignore_global:



Create a .zing file anywhere you'd like. It's contents should be a script that will be ran whenever ,z is pressed. As your project progresses or you need want to focus on a specific area, change the contents of .zing.