diverse graph wrappers, for object networks, dom, etc.
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Wrap existing, large in memory object networks behind the Neo4j graph database API's to enable:

  • fast traversals
  • graph algorithms
  • cypher queries
  • gremlin expressions
  • visualization
  • server


class User {
    private String twid;
    private Collection<Tweet> tweeted = new ArrayList<Tweet>();

 class Tag {
    private String name;
    private Collection<Tweet> tagged = new HashSet<Tweet>();

class Tweet {
    private String id;
    private String text;
    private long date;
    private User tweeted;
    private Collection<Tag> tagged = new HashSet<Tag>();

user = new User("mesirii");
neo4j = new Tag("neo");
graphdb = new Tag("graphdb");
tweet1 = user.tweet("tweet1", neo4j);
tweet2 = user.tweet("tweet2", neo4j, graphdb);
tweet3 = user.tweet("tweet3", graphdb);
tweet4 = user.tweet("tweet4", graphdb);

gdb = new ObjectGraphDatabaseService(user);
allTweets = asList(tweet1, tweet2, tweet3,tweet4);

ObjectNode tweetNode = gdb.createNode(user);
Iterable<Relationship> relationships = tweetNode.getRelationships(Direction.OUTGOING, DynamicRelationshipType.withName("tweeted"));
Iterable<Object> tweets = tweetNode.getEndNodeObjects(relationships);
assertEquals(allTweets, IteratorUtil.asCollection(tweets));

String query = "start me=node:User(twid={user})
  match me-[:tweeted]->tweet-[:tagged]->tag
  return count(tweet),tag.name order by tag.name asc";
ExecutionResult result = new ExecutionEngine(gdb).execute(query, map("user", "mesirii"));

current state

  • mostly readonly, some write operations supported
  • cypher, traversals, id-lookup, index-lookups work
  • no Relationship-Entity support


  • createNode(type)
  • find getNodeById() via traversal not by storing a map
  • InstanceIndex which reflects the actual instances
  • Relationships for classes with exactly 2 entity-instance fields
  • Superclass support ?