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  • AbstractDatabase Class as Parent for RestGraphDatabase. RGD only holds implemented methods
  • Simplify the RestAPI e.g. drop RestIndexManager
  • Allow RestTraversal with other Params as FULLPATH
  • Allow compact Variant of RestAPI
  • Evaluator should not throw UOE, make it more intelligent
  • Support other Scriptlanguages (e.g. test with Ruby)
  • Implement a Rest URI Class (static description of the neo4j protocol)
  • Unique Nodes - get or create
  • Complete RestTraversalTests (empty tests at the moment)
  • support batch mode via batch-command
  • support gremlin, cypher plugins
  • support Traverser and Index-Paging
  • support arbitrary ServerPlugins and Unmanaged Extensions
  • support local caching