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Supported Platforms

By `Lex Li`_

This page shows you what are the supported platforms of Jexus web server.

In this article:

Jexus is highly flexible and supports a variety of platforms.

General Information

It has been tested by the author and users on the following platforms with success,

  • CentOS with Mono 3.2.8+
  • Ubuntu with Mono 3.2.8+
  • FreeBSD with Mono 3.2.8+

Other Linux distributions or UNIX variants should also be supported out of the box or with minimal customization.

Reports show that Jexus can even run fine on resource limited hardware such as Raspberry Pi.


LeXtudio recommends the following system setup,

  • Ubuntu Server 14.04 with Mono 4.2.2

Above is also the supported platform by LeXtudio where technical support is provided. More supported platforms will be added in the future.

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