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Good Sleep - Arduino and Alexa powered sleep monitor
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Good Sleep - Your Nighttime Monitor

Good Sleep is an Arduino-powered sleep monitoring device paired with an Alexa skill to read and interpret the readings as well as a service that produces charts to visually display trends.

The skill is available on the Amazon Skills store here.

To see the full details about this project and read more, see the project page on Hackster. This is an entry in to the Alexa and Arduino Smart Home Challenge competition.

This repository contains all the code parts, fully commented, that come together to make this work:

  • Arduino software for deploying on the MKR1000
  • Lambda code for Alexa skill
  • Lambda code for linking and chart API Gateway services

This project uses a number of different AWS services, and setup instructions for each are included:

Third Party Libraries

Thanks to these third party libraries that were used in the Arduino and Lambda code.


  • TrueRandom
  • DHT11
  • DNSServer
  • SdFat
  • EDB
  • Webduino
  • Portmapping


  • lz-string
  • moment-timezone
  • chartjs-node
  • node-canvas
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