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Testify is a web applicaton framework designed for personal storying.


There are three dependencies of testify: java, redis, and lein

Your Java version needs to be at least 1.5. I bet you can handle that. Note that we don't need the JDK: just the JRE is fine. (And if you don't know the difference, you're fine ;-)

redis is in your distribution's repository. For Ubuntu, that is

$ sudo apt-get install redis-server

You'll need to install lein, which can be retrieved here:

Place the script in your path, and make it executable:

$ mv lein ~/bin; chmod +x ~/bin/lein

Note: Make sure to add ~/bin to your PATH, perhaps in your .bashrc file: PATH+=':~/bin'

The first time lein runs, it will gather all of its dependencies, so you don't have to.


Run the following command to start the webserver:

$ ./

This also starts redis-server, if that's not already running.

By default, the website is hosted at http://localhost:8000, but if you need to change the port number, use the PORT environment variable. Note that PORT must be either a number or unset.

$ PORT=8000 ./


Copyright (C) 2012 Jeyan Oorjitham

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0, the same as Clojure.